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Police Brutality in America
by Stephen Lendman

Excellent Cop site!

Crooked Cops Galore!
Hey, Phoenix! It's not Harassment if it's TRUE

Cop Block - Monitoring the Poice State

Cops: Public Servants or Fascist Pigs?
the Latest Rants of Larken Rose

I Left My Blood in San Francisco......

ooooh... Seattle Copper IAN WALSH
IS a Manly-Man... and- So Strong....

Ian Walsh Sucks little Dicks for Kicks
Oh... So What if the "Lady" he Slugged Is a Piece of Crap?
SHE'S STILL A WOMAN... ya Douche!

What the Hell are All of these PET EXECUTIONS About?!
Are All Cops' Dicks THAT FUCKING TINY!?

What's More to Say than...
FUCK YOU, Cabarrus County (NC) Sheriff's Office Deputy Sean Austin...
... you Little PUNK... Chicken Shit, Animal Hating TURD!

JOIN THE FACEBOOK HATE PAGE for these Pathetic Bastards!

Sign the PETITION... With Luck and God's Will... Put little Sean in the Streets

Citizens of Columbia, Missouri!
You live in Little NAZI-LAND
Your Cops are all FUCKING COWARDS

FUCK YOU Columbia, MO.... and your band of Nazis, too!

The Largest Street Gang in America

BoilingFrogs | MySpace Video

16 yr old Boy tasered by cops 19 times by the
Fucking COWARDS of the Ozark, MO PD

Mother-Fucking Douchebag AssHats with Toys

Passaic cop Joseph J. Rios III

El Paso, Tx, Mentally Disturbed, Sgt. Raul Ramirez
is on One FUCKED-UP Power Trip!

Read the article above, Raul... You Sack of Pathetic Crap

oh... and Such a Good boy, too: Ramirez's Internal Affairs card

The Recipe for "Instant Fascist " ...

Racism in the Phoenix PD and More Civil Rights Violations –
The True Story of Disgraced Phoenix Police Officers
Mike (Tater Head) Polombo (#4696) and Heather (Skank Whore) Polombo (#6237)

Bad Phoenix Cops

The Above Links have led the Site Owner to
Be Abused and Raided by the
Brain-Dead Pig Monkeys of Phoenix.
First Amendment be Damned!

Hey! Citizens of St. Paul, MN!
The Germans living under HITLER thought Things were Oky-Doky, too...
RID YOUR CITY of the FASCISTS Amongst You... NOW!!

"It's a dog, OK? You can get another one. Relax."
Just because San Marcos, TX Police Officer/Animal Killing Thug - Paul Stephens
Can't Lick his own Balls is No reason to make a Retarded Remark like this!

You are, obviously, a Despicable Excuse for a "Man"
You, most likely, have NEVER LOVED ANYTHING in Your
Miserable, Pathetic, Never-will-be-Appreciated "Life"
We can only hope YOU begin Choking on a Rib Bone at a Picnic
and will need to be rushed to the ER via private auto....

Prince George County, MD Police Chief Melvin High:

FUCK YOU and Your band of Tyrannical Animal Killing FUCKTARDS!

FUCK EVERY ONE of your Fucking Subordinates!
FUCK ANYONE who Condoned your "Practices"!

Oh... High County Sheriff Michael A. Jackson?
FUCK YOU, TOO... You Jack-Off Miscreant!!!

"Respect - We are committed to protecting the rights of all persons equally. ".. Yea- RIGHT

Police "Power"... Thug Abuse!

Police Crimes

NOW- It's time for the Horseshit Apology...
"I'm Sorry (that I was videotaped and exposed for
the Slimy Oozing Maggot-Infested TURD I am)
Enjoy Rookie, Probationary FUCKWAD- PATRICK POGAN
Try and Earn his Shiny Jack Boots....

See "Coach" Pogan's FIRST AWARD as a FuckTard THUG:

CRITICAL TACKLE ( news reports part 1)

** CRITICAL TACKLE ( news reports part 2)

PBA President Pat Lynch hurts his credibility with the public.
Lynch fails to acknowledge that Officer Patrick Pogan
never signaled for the bicyclist to stop and
blatantly lied on his arrest report.
Regrettably, that lie is only a misdemeanor.
After the verdict in the Patrick Pogan "bike push" trial, Pat Lynch
said that when a "mistake becomes a crime"
it has a chilling effect on police officers particularly newer ones.

WAY to Embarrass your Father, Patrick!... You Slimey Leftover

Rate YOUR Cops... Good or  Authoritarian Slug

Scranton, Pennsylvania,'police officer',
Patrick Gilman is an asshole

and... Guess What?.... He's One Dumb Fuck
Concerning our Constitution, too!

Fascist Douchebag.

Don’t Call the Cops. Ever.

5 Assholes who Ruin the reputations
of EVERY COP On the Planet:
Gerald David Webber, Samuel R. Franklin,
Joshua Monday, Shayne Green, and William Carroll

"Five fascists in Tennessee were caught on tape openly torturing a
guy to sign a "consent" form to let them search his home without a
warrant. They wanted to catch him selling drugs, but didn't want to
bother with all that constitutional stuff of getting a warrant.
Luckily, before leaving the home so the fascists could
"interrogate" the guy, his wife left an audio recorder running. As
a result, five fascists are now doing time.

Okay, so what can we learn from this? Well, for starters, the
police are not our friends. (Some of us already knew that.) And
they couldn't care less about the constitution, individual rights,
or any of that stuff. They are, in every sense of the term,
fascists. They believe that it's just fine to physically TORTURE
someone into signing a form saying the guy "consents" to having his
home searched. By the way, consider how weird this is: the guy was
tortured BECAUSE we have a Constitution. They really wanted his
"consent" so they could get around the Fourth Amendment. If not for
that amendment, they wouldn't have needed to torture him to get his
"consent." How ironic.

The story ought to infuriate anyone with a shred of humanity. How
many cops do this who AREN'T caught on tape? Plenty. How do I know
that? Well, how many people get struck by lightning? Several
hundred every year. And how many get caught on tape? I've never
seen one, though they may be out there. Cameras aren't always
running in all places, so if something DOES get caught on tape,
especially more than once, it's a safe bet that it happens a LOT
when tape isn't rolling. To think that police abuse is rare, and
that by blind luck the bad apples HAPPEN to get caught on tape, is
naive, in addition to being statistically clueless. If it happens
once on tape, it most likely happened a hundred times NOT on tape.
(Thankfully, the advent of handheld cameras is starting to prove
that, by giving us a seemingly endless supply of evidence of police
abuse and brutality.)

So, are you infuriated enough? Well, try this. The sentences of the
five fascists caught torturing, and threatening to kill someone, in
order to coerce him into surrendering his constitutional rights,
ranged from just over four years to six years. What do you think
you would get if you tortured a cop? You'd get dead. That's what
you'd get. I know people who got longer sentences than those
fascists for not sending a piece of paper to the IRS. Still think
"justice" is what your government is all about?

This ought to be a rude awakening for the American people--though
it probably won't be. Why not? Well, that's where the second rude
awakening comes in. The story described above happened YEARS ago,
and the mainstream media didn't think it was worth telling you
about. (I only just heard about it myself.) Heck, it's even on
Wikipedia, as you can see here:

So we live in a fascist police state which will never do more than
give a slap on the wrist to anyone in their club of Nazis, even
when they get caught TORTURING and threatening to MURDER someone,
while the mainstream media intentionally covers it up. But don't
point that out, or you'll be labeled a paranoid fringe kook--like
all those silly people who said bad things about the Nazi party
when it was taking over Germany." Thanks to: Larken Rose




Even one of the Thug's Wife is a THUG CUNT
"Yer a Guuuud Lady, Sheila Franklin"

"You're a white girl in a rental car."
Seems like Albany, New York is FULL Of Dumb Dick-less Thugs!

ABUSE of (Taser) FORCE (via) "POWER"

Stark County (Ohio) Sheriff's Department
... and Nazi Thug Training Facility!

You FUCKING, Lying, Denigrating, Repressive Sacks of Moldy SHIT!
Another WORTHLESS GANG of Authoritarian Thugs with No CLUE.
>First, watch the video<


I Bet YOUR Families are Real Proud of what you "grew-up" to be... SHIT PILES.
REGARDLESS of ANY Circumstances... THIS is a Perfect Example of
Exposing A Whole Department of "People" that should be kept Out-of-Sight-
Microwaving Egg Patties at the McDonalds... PERIOD. OH!...and they
should ALL Only be allowed to live-in Piss & Shit Encrusted Dog Crates!
Stark County Sheriff Timothy Swanson is a FUCKING LIAR!
... and a Shitty Sheriff
Hey! Camera CUNT... What Happened to your Home movie?!

UPDATE (2/11/08) - OHIO A.G. to "Investigate" these Fascist Thugs!
Now we'll have to wait and see what the Ohio Attorney General does
about it, if anything. If you have any suggests for him, here is
his web site:

Remember... It's Not Only Cops that Abuse their "Power"...
You can be a Pile O' Bile DISTRICT ATTORNEY in Oregon
and embarrass yourself & Family.. and be a TOTAL DICK, too!

Fuck YOU, Steve!
Stephen D Campbell - a TRUE ENEMY Of the People!

How 'Bout a Fuckin Ass-Backward Moron Thug of a 'cop' that thinks HIS "POWER" is more important than Safety? What a Chubby!
Enjoy watching Hazelton, MO Shithead Todd Greeves
"earn" his keep...

"Yes, at an accident scene, the jackass cop arrests the FIREFIGHTER
for not moving the fire truck from exactly where it SHOULD have
been: making a protective wall shielding the accident scene from
traffic. Never mind the guy trapped in the car, whom the fireman is
trying to rescue. No, the top priority for Officer Bonehead is
showing everyone who's in charge, and punishing any who don't
blindly obey him. Another example of how there's no situation so
bad that the addition of "authority" can't make it WORSE."

Hey! Orange County S.D. forensic specialist Danielle G. Wieland...
... Go Jump off that Bridge for me!
GOOD GIRL!... you stupid TWAT!

Oh- and FUCK YOU!..."Camille Hill from the DA’s office"

TAMPA, Florida... Home of a Flock of MORE SHITHEADS!

DUDEifer Salvatore Rivieri
ANOTHER Fat Sack of Oozing Thuggery

Courtesy of the Baltimore PD
Fuck You Fat Sal Dude!
"I was never a very Good bully in School... But- Thanks to My badge and gun- I can Bully all of the Children I wannna! My weenie is teeny- but my Bite on Juvenile Hooliganism is Huge! Oh!...and... I'm Owed respect, too"

All Together, Now... "What a FUCKING ASSHOLE!"...

and- It Just Keeps GETTING BETTER....

"I think it's a safe bet that this guy became a cop for one reason:
so he could be an obnoxious dung heap and get away with it. You see, when he has that magic badge, you're not ALLOWED to treat him like any other rude, belligerent jackass. If you do, it's called "disorderly conduct," or even "assaulting a police officer."

I hate to be a broken record, but since 99.999% of the country still doesn't get it, I'll say it again. THIS is the result of the myth of "authority": it gives societal PERMISSION for a few people to harass, intimidate, rob, extort, assault, and kidnap, where normal people have no such right. Imagine what would have happened if the kid with the remote control car said, "Get lost, you piece of #$@%^." (This is the same cop who had a fit because another kid called him "dude.")

Here's a very simple question that I challenge any statist to answer: if all people are created equal (as far as their rights), how did this one obnoxious twit--and every other cop on the planet--acquire the rights to do things that you and I DON'T have the right to do? And how did it come about that we have to treat them with EXTRA respect, and not treat them like the moronic thugs they are?"

You are a SACK of SHIT, Sal!
You deserve ZERO RESPECT... from ANYBODY!
Except these guys.....

Here is another fine example, where a bunch of authoritarian thugs
destroyed someone's home, and so far, intend to do nothing to make
amends. Turns out they did a SWAT raid of the WRONG home. Oop-sie!
(And that happens a lot more often than you might think.) And guess
what happens to the thugs who do it? Usually, not a damn thing.
First, watch the video:

Here's a suggestion Asst. Chief Dan Combs...
You and the rest of the Morons who destroyed this woman's home dig into your own pockets and replace every damaged item and then go in there and personally clean the place up.
Think about it. They shot up an apartment in a high density housing complex full of military grade tear gas. Then went in and vandalized the house from top to bottom.
The wrong house and have left a woman and her two young children homeless.
The gutless wonder who didn't even have the decency to apologize to this woman is Gene Hunefeld, Chief of Police of Lawrenceburg, Indiana.
Their phone number is 812-537-2284

'Trooper' John Gardner of the Utah State Thug Dept.
YOU are a Fucking Pestilent Contagion!
If this is Not a Total ABUSE of the "Powers" Given...

Do you think this little worthless, inferior-complex
megalomaniac Nazi calling himself a "law enforcer"
would behave this way if NOT for the belief in "authority"?
To Protect & Serve?... and TORTURE? Why does
anyone still think that the belief in "authority" is a
CIVILIZING influence??
FUCK YOU!-"Trooper John"!


ooohh... the L.A. Sheriffs Love GAMES....
....ya buncha JAGOFFS!....

Sgt. Tom Lovejoy of the Chandler, AZ PD!
You Heartless Bastard!

Bandit - Victim of another thug
Please remove ALL Animals from their Home
I Hate Animal ABUSERS More than Shitty Cops!
a GOOD READ About this Mis-deed

Boy... officer James Flygare of the Orem, UT PSD!
I bet your little dick was hard for a Week after this display of your awesome power!

Hey!... Sergeant James Kuehnlein of the St George, MO PD!
Yer nothing but a Common THUG!

Wooh!... More Fascism! - this time from the Jewel of the Carolina Blue Ridge- Ashville, NC. Congrats- "officer' Russel Crisp... YOU are a bonafide PIECE of REPRESSIVE SHIT... a real 'Dropping from Satan's Anus' You and 'sergeant' Randy "Blow Me" Riddle stand a great chance for a Medal of Freedom... from the Big Dick, himself. My- won't your friend be impressed?
Another reason to Require a refresher course on the Constitution!
Way to Embarrass your Hometown, Too!

I'm sure I've missed a bunch lately... but My latest Thug Asshole Nazi Cop is Deputy Ivory J. Webb of Chino, California. Another paranoid Schitzo with an Itchy Trigger Finger. He belongs in Prison... PERIOD!

Wow! The FASCISTS ARE in Chicagoland, too. "Officer Adkins" of the well-regarded VA Admin Police, obviously, never had to know Anything about our Constitution to make his mark as Another THUG Asshole, Pile-of-Doody, hypocrite, "power" abusing Dillhole. I bet his family is SO Proud.....

Hey Mister-Occifer-Police Sgt. Patrick J. McGuire of the NYCPD! WHAT the FUCK did YOU Have to Gain from Keeping a guy in Prison ANOTHER 8 Years Longer than the 14 he, already, had spent there as an Innocent Man!?
You are just another Embarrassment to the Badge of the finest cop force in the USA! What a Sad Sack of Pathetic Crap you are.

Mr Newton! Make sure you take away every penny of this clown's worth. Keep his Kids & Grandkids answering motions for the next 22 years!

Rich "Feel the Burn" McNevin of the Boynton Beach, FL PD gets to act out his lifelong wet dreams at Work... and it's "A-OK"!! Just another stereotypical THUG the taxpayers can do without!

"I know"..."I know"..."I expect"...
    --Mr "EXPERTISE"- Sack-of-Crap "Detective" Mark Reyes of the       Carlsbad (CA) PD- More... click HERE
SUE this JAGOFF Mr & Mrs Dagy!... and the judge... and the PD...
and the city!... then buy more Electrical Gadgets!

"What's there to talk about? She ran away, she wound up dead. End of story."
    --Piece-of-Shit Mattawa (WA) Police Chief Randy Blackburn- More

Fuckhead Thug Royalé
Can Anyone Reveal the Identity of this Rent-a-Cop Sack-of-Shit?
Click the picture for the story

White Trash!
Who is THIS Cracker-Ass Cocksucker from the Fort Pierce, FL PD?
Click the picture for the story

Michael McDonald of Dayton, OH...
Another Video-Taped FUCKHEAD

... and this Asshole Kept his "Job"?... Shame on Dayton!

Do NOT Talk to Cops!

chico police watch

So Much for Free Speech.... Oh, and- NICE TAT, "Toots"!


How to Avoid being Arrested by Cops

"The most odious of all oppressions
are those which mask as justice."

--U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson,
Krulewitch v United States.

Win at all costs
"It is up to all of us to hold those who serve
us (with the power of life and death) to the
standards that we set through an open
and partcipatory process"

--By Madison Shockley


"The content on the Internet is as diverse as human thought... perhaps we do the minors
of this country harm if First Amendment protections, which they will with
age inherit fully, are chipped away in the name of their protection."
-- Philadelphia District Court Judge Lowell Reed
in his preliminary injunction against the COPA



The main purpose of this website is to make available as many Other web sites we can find dealing with Police ACCOUNTABILITY (harassment, brutality, bigotry, etc), & Seatbelt Laws (since it's Very Probable you may be ASSumed guilty until you prove yourself innocent). Remember; this entire Website was brought-on by the actions of a policeman who thought I would be just one more motorist happy to be on my way... Remember, "SuperCop", the Web can be ANYONE's Soap Box. I also must say that the Great Majority of Police Officers around this "Free America" are wonderful and Caring Protectors and Servants of the People. It's the small minority of Morons Amongst Them that can totally decimate the goodwill done by the majority.

Killed by Law Enforcement

Cops and Donuts

Bad Cops and other assholes

Click HERE for your Free Traffic Cop
(Gee...that's redundant)
Declaration of Innocence & the RIGHT to Drive
(for Victim-less Run-Ins with Thugs & Cockey Cops)

Traffic Ticket Help

"Just Say NO" to Cops?
(please check this out...Plus all of the article's Links)
ALSO.... THIS is Interesting

"Just Say NO" to Searches?

mockery of justice

the BEST

Forfeiture Endangers American Rights

Cops LOVE the ACLU!!
"So- Ya gonna call the ACLU while your getting mugged on the Street?"

police DO lie
Most cops are honest - to some degree.
But are you sure that the cop behind you with his red light on
isn't a drug dealer? A murderer? A rapist? A pimp? Or he won't plant
evidence on you and frame you for a crime?
Lie in court and send an innocent person to prison?

Did You Know....
the Police have No Duty to Protect Individuals?
Read All About It
Now...there's even a BOOK about it!

"Officer" Butch Rants about Traffic Radar

Cyber Liberties
Two Big Words for Small Minded Communities

when good cops go bad

Just Say "NO" to Traffic Tickets

Donut Connection Man

Constitutional Laws & Justice


links to ? cops
Courtesy of Research Hastened by the Actions of an Officer of an Dubuque, Iowa PD

The Judicial Accountability Initiative Law
J.A.I.L. (for Judges)

NCOPAthe National Coalition of Police Accountability

Tips for Fighting Traffic Tickets

Liberty Quote Library

Seatbelt Sites

NMAlogoPRIMARY Enforcement of Seatbelt Laws?.....

NMAlogoBelt ISSUES, etc....Safety Issues & Social Costs...Interesting.

Surviving Terrorism
ScareMongering... Old, Moldy & WRONG!

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